Sports Medicine

woman in the gym doing a strength exercise on her arms and back while the trainer points to the part of her back she is strengthening

Sports Medicine

We take care of everyone from little league players and high school athletes to members of an NFL team. Our experience on the sidelines is unparalleled. We are known for our conservative treatment, and we avoid surgery whenever possible. Our staff includes physicians who are board certified in both orthopedics and orthopedic sports medicine. They are trained in cutting-edge technologies, including innovative joint preservation procedures.

Together, our physicians and physical therapists have decades of cumulative experience treating athletes in every age group and at every level — whether they are competing in college athletics or simply want to stay fit and involved in the activities they enjoy.

Conditions, treatments, and injury prevention

Treat you injuries with Orthopaedic Specialists of Connecticut.

Why Choose Us

Personal Care

We have earned our reputation by providing personal attention and compassionate care.



We work together to evaluate your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Surgical Outcomes

We have the best surgical outcomes and the lowest complication rates in the area.