Joint Replacement

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Joint Replacement

Our surgeons introduced computer-assisted robotic joint replacement at Danbury Hospital. We specialize in total and partial knee replacement, hip replacement, and complex total joint revision surgery. We have also trained in both traditional and reverse shoulder joint replacement.

Leading the way, we started the outpatient joint replacement center at Danbury Hospital; we help our patients decide if this progressive approach meets their individual needs. According to recent data, we have exceptionally low complication rates that are well below national standards and unequaled in the area.

Nuvance Health Surgical PatientsOur Nuvance Health surgical patients can access detailed information on our knee and hip replacement procedures and what to expect by reviewing our guidebooks:
● Download Knee Replacement Guide● Download Hip Replacement Guide

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We work together to evaluate your diagnosis and treatment plan.

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We have the best surgical outcomes and the lowest complication rates in the area.

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Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

Outpatient joint replacement surgery is a relatively new Orthopaedic procedure growing in popularity due to its numerous benefits. This procedure typically involves replacing a damaged joint, such as the hip or knee with an artificial one and allows patients to go home on the same day of the operation; allowing them to focus on rest and recovery without spending time in a traditional hospital setting. The Orthopaedic Specialist Team typically evaluates patients’ conditions, program preoperative tests, and work together to refine the best surgical plan for each case, ensuring a safe procedure. It is clear that this outpatient Orthopaedic procedure offers convenience, peace of mind, speedy rehabilitation, and improved quality of life for those who are facing joint issues.