How to Prevent and Manage Knee Pain

How to Prevent and Manage Knee Pain

Perhaps it happened when you were running to catch the train or bus. Or maybe you were playing some kind of sport. It may have even happened just when you placed your feet on the floor after getting up in the morning.

Regardless of where it happened, there is no doubt that you remember where you were when you first felt your knee give you trouble. It’s a feeling that is shared by many.

In fact, an astonishing 1 in 4 people are thought to suffer from chronic knee pain.

With this in mind learning how to manage knee pain is something we all can benefit from. So to help you ease the pain, we have put together some practical pain management tips that are sure to prove useful now and long into the future.

What Causes Knee Pain

Knee pain can happen for several reasons. Aging, sports injuries, and trauma to name a few.

Yet the root of the most common causes doesn’t actually stem from the knee. Given its position in the body as a middle man between your hips and feet, weakness in the hips, your ankles, or flat feet can cause your leg to become misaligned, leading to an inflammation on the knee area.

How to Manage Knee Pain

As with most injuries, time and rest are the best healers at the beginning of recovering. So if you have serious knee issues, then be sure to avoid any form of overload at the beginning.

However, if your issue is not severe, contrary to how it may seem, exercise is one of the best ways to manage knee pain.

As muscle weakness lies at the core of many knee complaints, exercise is a great way to help you get back to full health. Incorporating exercises like hip and leg raises, as well as various stretches will increase blood flow into the area and strengthen the knee also.

One last thing. Don’t skip your warm-up!

This seemingly insignificant step will help prepare the area before you get started and can stop you from seeing the knee doctor earlier than you would like to.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

While there are many effective ways that one can ease the discomfort that comes with knee pain, many of us can do things almost daily that will promote healthy knees.

The most effective way to prevent knee pain is to try to maintain a healthy weight.

As we add on the pounds, they begin to put on added pressure onto a joint that bears the load of our whole body. Just a slight drop in weight is proven to greatly assist in stopping the chances of knee complications.

Another area that surprises many is the type of shoes we wear.

But after having considered why knee pain happens in the first place it makes much sense. Cushioned insoles are great at helping the alignment of the legs overall and as well as improving balance.

Lastly, if you have recently recovered from having knee issues, the way you exercise. at least initially, will do wonders in preventing you from feeling it go once more. Low impact exercises like swimming and rowing are the best to get you on your way to feeling as fit as a fiddle.

Find Relief From Your Knee Pain Today

Regardless of the reasons why you have knee pain one thing is for certain. You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

For that reason, if you want to have the peace of mind of knowing that the treatment you are getting to manage knee pain is the best then reach out to us, the Orthopedic specialists of Connecticut.

With over 40 years of experience in interventional pain management, joint replacements, and much more, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best care possible. Get in contact for a consultation and some relief today!