Arthroscopic Anterior Shoulder Stabilization

Arthroscopic Anterior Shoulder Stabilization

Phase I (Weeks 0-4)

  1. Sling immobilization at all times except for showering and rehab under guidance of PT.
  2. Range of Motion – PROM -> AAROM à-> AROM as tolerated.- Restrict motion to 90° of Forward Flexion, 45° of Abduction, 30° of External Rotation and Internal Rotation to stomach.
  3. Therapeutic Exercise.- Elbow/Wrist/Hand Range of Motion.- Grip Strengthening. - Isometric Abduction, Internal/External Rotation exercises with elbow at side.
  4. Heat/Ice before and after PT sessions.

Phase II (Weeks 4-6)

  1. Discontinue sling immobilization.
  2. Range of Motion – Increase Forward Flexion, Internal/External Rotation to full motion as tolerated.
  3. Therapeutic Exercise.- Advance isometrics from Phase I to use of a theraband within AROM limitations.- Continue with Elbow/Wrist/Hand Range of Motion and Grip Strengthening.- Begin Prone Extensions and Scapular Stabilizing Exercises (traps/rhomboids/levator scapula).- Gentle joint mobilization.
  4. Modalities per PT discretion.

Phase III (Weeks 6-12)

  1. Range of Motion – Progress to full AROM without discomfort.
  2. Therapeutic Exercise – Advance theraband exercises to light weights (1-5 lbs).- 8-12 repetitions/2-3 sets for Rotator Cuff, Deltoid and Scapular Stabilizers.- Continue and progress with Phase II exercises.- Begin UE ergometer.
  3. Modalities per PT discretion.

Phase IV (Months 3-6)

  1. Range of Motion – Full without discomfort.
  2. Therapeutic Exercise – Advance exercises in Phase III (strengthening 3x per week).- Sport/Work specific rehabilitation.- Return to throwing at 4.5 months.- Return to sports at 6 months if approved.
  3. Modalities per PT discretion.