3 Ways to Reduce Office Back Pain

3 Ways to Reduce Office Back Pain

 While office jobs are known for their sedentary nature, they still take a serious toll on our bodies. By some estimates, as many as 38% of all office workers suffer from back pain as a result of sitting at their desks all day.  

Office back pain is a common scourge affecting millions of Americans, one that causes pain, discomfort, and serious limitations in later life.

That’s why understanding what causes office back pain and taking steps to alleviate it is crucial. With that in mind, here are the three essential things that you should be doing to reduce back pain from the office.

1. Create a Back-Friendly Workspace

The first thing you should be doing to relieve back pain is embracing ergonomics and creating an office environment that is conducive to pain relief. Ensuring that you have an office chair with an adjustable backrest and arms is essential.

Consider investing in a standing desk that will allow you to switch from sitting to standing throughout the workday, as this has been identified as crucial for avoiding back pain.

Even a simple step such as choosing a chair that swivels is important, as this means you will not be twisting and contorting your spine and torso throughout the day. Ask your boss to get you an ergonomic keyboard so that you are not hunched over it all day long. All of these will help immensely.

2. Pick Up Good Habits

Much of the back pain caused by desk sitting can be avoided by good behavior. This first rule here is to stay active throughout the day. Take a break at least every 60 minutes. Get up and stretch your legs and back.

When walking, always attempt to maintain good posture, rather than slouching. If you make a lot of phone calls during the workday, use a hands-free phone is possible as this will stop you from tilting your head and straining your neck all day. Finally, remember to keep your movements relaxed, natural, and slow.

3. Posture is Everything

We cannot stress enough how important posture is for avoiding back pain. Active muscle use around your spine is crucial for maintaining posture and proper pain management. There are many tips for keeping a proper posture at the office.

First, remember to keep your head and neck fully aligned above your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are held back and are square with your monitor. Keep your back firmly against the backrest of your chair when you are sitting.

While sitting at your desk, keep your feet flat on the ground as often as possible and try to completely avoid crossing your legs. Ideally, your knees should be at a perfect 90-degree angle whenever possible. You can invest in a footrest is having one will make it easier for you to achieve this.

Treat Your Back Pain Today

If you are already suffering from back pain, don’t despair. With the right treatment, you can get yourself back into a pain-free state, where it will be easier to follow these essential rules and tips.

If you are looking for fast, effective, and lasting back pain treatment, we have got you covered. Make sure to give us a call to speak to our professional orthopedic team today.