3 Common Knee Injuries (and How to Prevent Them!)

3 Common Knee Injuries (and How to Prevent Them!)

3 Common Knee Injuries (and How to Prevent Them!)

Are you suffering from knee pain?

Knee injuries are a common medical problem that has big repercussions in our lives. It makes it difficult to stay active when it hurts to do simple leg motions.

That’s why it’s important to understand the most common knee injuries and how to stop them from happening. Listed down below is everything you need to know to prevent these injuries from slowing you down!

1. ACL Injury

If you love sports that have many sudden stops and changes in directions, you may know all about this kind of knee injury. The anterior cruciate ligament is an important part of the middle of the knee that, when torn or damaged, causes pain and hinders motion.

People who play sports such as soccer, basketball, and football are all at high risk for an ACL injury.

2. Meniscus Tear

The cartilage inside your knee cushions the bones so they don’t rub against each other, but it’s an area that’s prone to tearing. Motions that require your knee to twist is a risky maneuver that may end up tearing the meniscus. The older you get, the more common this kind of injury becomes.

Sports like skiing and volleyball often cause us to move in quick, twisting motions and are susceptible to a meniscus tear.

3. Overuse

When you spend too much time on your feet, it puts excess stress on your knees. If you have poor posture or unsupported shoes, they can also be the culprit behind an overuse injury.

Runners often deal with overuse knee injury symptoms since running of any kind can wear out the knee if they’re not careful. This injury is often referred to as runner’s knee because of this.

Preventative Measures

The best part about all knee injuries is the fact that they’re preventable. Knee injuries from falling are difficult to prevent, but you can build up the muscles protecting those delicate ligaments. This means, if you do happen to fall, the chances of a severe injury are much lower.

Always include resistance exercises in your workout routine, as these strengthen your muscles and allow them to bear more weight and stress. Remember to stretch before engaging in any activity, to keep the ligaments loose and limber.

As you do exercises or participate in a sporting event, pay close attention to your form. You don’t want to strain your knees by doing the exercises in the wrong way. A few mindful corrections can make a huge difference to the safety of your knees.

When in doubt, get an outside perspective to help you correct your form!

Never Let Knee Injuries Go Unchecked

Whenever you feel pain in your knee, it’s time to book an appointment with a professional. Knee injuries continue to get worse if left alone. Without proper treatment or guidance, you could end up permanently causing damage.

Don’t ignore the signals your body tells you. Make an appointment right away!

Contact us today for help with all knee ligament injuries. We’ll get you back into tip-top shape in no time!